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Team Blog: News from the Road

. . . Tuesday, June 21, 2005 . . .

And They're Off!
Posted 6/21/2005 05:14:00 PM EST by Catherine Cooke

Lou has been on the road for 14 minutes now and the crew will be following shortly. The starting ceremony was fantastic -- each team was introduced together, and then one rider from each team took off for a ceremonial parade through San Diego's Balboa Park.

Lou is riding with Jason Weckworth of Team Donate Life. Jason is a 2003 kidney donor,l so between the two of them two healthy kidneys are a couple miles into the race.

The Jet Truck and the RV are heading up the highway to TS1 Pine Valley, while the follow vehicle stays behind to pick up Lou at the end of the parade. The official race time then starts, and our first rider hits the ground.

Thank you to our donors: