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Team Blog: News from the Road

. . . Saturday, June 25, 2005 . . .

Our Love - Hate Relationship with Kansas
Posted 6/25/2005 11:19:00 AM EST by Catherine Cooke


The amazing people and the Chamber of Commerce of Ulysses who manned a FANTASTIC time station around the clock. They gave us water, maps (the RV park map was like GOLD), information books AND called the grocery store so that would open up just for us so we could get some bananas. We love Ulysses!

Kind-of-Like / Kind-of-Not:

The town of Kechi, that organized a parade the day we had to ride through town. I'm writing from the RV, which is currently stuck IN the parade. The townspeople seem to think this is on purpose and they're excited to see us wave from the window. They don't seem to understand we're in a race to get to Atlantic City. We're making the best of it and are throwing Organic Food Bars -- our sponsor -- and Give Life bracelets from the window and the kids love it. We're hoping that our rider, who is quite a bit ahead of us, isn't stuck behind one of the horses.


Mosquitos. Millions and millions of mosquitos.

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