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Team Blog: News from the Road

. . . Sunday, June 26, 2005 . . .

Solo Riders in Illinois
Posted 6/26/2005 06:39:00 PM EST by Catherine Cooke

Bruce and Lou passed a couple of solo riders during their pull today in Illinois. They said Cat Berge looked fantastic and waved a friendly hello. Chris Hopkinson had a board rigged to his back to keep his head up, but still had enough energy to say hi and cheer Lou on ahead of him.

The team did a rider swich just as Ben Couturier rode by. Bruce caught up and paced with him for about 15 minutes. Ben looked great and smiled and waved to all of us as we cheered him on. His dad yelled out the side of their follow vehicle, "He doesn't need a pacer! He needs a rabbit!" I talked to his mother at TS 36 and she said everyone on their team was in good spirits.

Bill and Martin are waiting at TS 37 for Bruce and Lou to arrive so they can start their next 4 to 5 hour pull.

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